BMI is BS. It was invented almost 300 years ago by a Belgian statistician with no medical training. He measured a bunch of people (some Belgian, some French, all white) and determined their “health” by their appearance. He didn’t use the scientific method and his research isn’t based on any scientific principles. The… » 4/27/15 4:19pm 4/27/15 4:19pm

You should love the new movie, Love & Mercy. It's plot reads like an 80's romance novel. A career girl saves an emotionally damaged rock star with the power of love. Elizabeth Banks is our hero with the big 80's hair and wardrobe. John Cusack is the rock star and Paul Giamatti is the villain. The best part: IT'S… » 4/15/15 7:24pm 4/15/15 7:24pm